Chunky Monkey Blondies

Sometimes, when something sweet  is requested (or craved), the process of baking can seem like too much.  How could I possibly use who knows HOW MANY BOWLS and UMPTEEN utensils, and WHO is going to clean up when ALL I want is to eat something sweet and carby?! 😩 THAT’S when you’re going to be ever so grateful that cooksleepread gave you this one bowl (and a measuring cup) recipe for blondies!  (Read more…)

Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with a slice on a small white square plate
Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Sometimes you want a cookie.  Sometimes the thought of making that cookie, using who knows HOW MANY bowls,  SO MANY utensils, creaming things, chilling stuff, scooping (so much scooping), then – oh no they’re too flat, too puffy… AAAHHHH!!! YOU JUST WANT COOKIE IN YOUR MOUTH.

It’s going to be okay.  I’m here to help.  Let’s just stop the madness for a minute.  Let’s just mix everything in a bowl, put it in a pan and bake it.  It will taste just like a cookie, but will be so much easier (Read more…)

Chorizo and Potato Tacos

San Diego holds a really special place in my heart.  So many great things came to me there.  Two of my three daughters were born in San Diego.  I met The Boy in San Diego.  I became a taco addict in San Diego.  Yeah, yeah, I grew up in Texas and they have amazing Tex-Mex food, but as the daughter of a Korean mom in the 70’s, there weren’t a lot of Taco Tuesdays in my Texas childhood.  These chorizo potato tacos are a combination of so many of the flavors I came to love during my twelve years in San Diego.  Let’s get started. I need a taco (Read more…)