Christmas Eve Roundup

Happy Holidays from the Cook Sleep Read family!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I know that we’re all hustlin’ and bustlin’ to get ready for tomorrow morning, but I wanted to pop in and wish you all the best Holiday ever. It sure looks different this year, but I, for one, am trying to make it the best it can be. Today we are porch-delivering presents to anyone in town (out-of-town gifts have been shipped and received 😅) and in the morning we’ll be doing a Zoom stocking and present party! And do you know what makes an early morning Christmas Zoom even better? My New and Improved Overnight Cinnamon Rolls!

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

I’ve updated the recipe, so it’s easier than, ever not only make the dough, but filling and shaping the cinnamon rolls is a breeze! You can make them and shape them the night before and then bake them off in the morning! And everyone knows Christmas presents are even better with a warm cinnamon roll and a hot cup of coffee in your hands!

If you have yeast, I’ll bet you have all the other ingredients to make these Overnight Cinnamon Rolls in your pantry right now! Get someone else to wrap the rest of the presents! You have cinnamon rolls to make!

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Brown Butter Cookies and Cream Blondies

Happy Holidays, everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Winter Solstice, or just another successful (?) trip around the Sun, you have to admit that this has been a year that challenged everyone’s concept of time. Some days seem to crawl by, and others feel like a time warp (including a jump to the left. And then a step to the right 🕺💃). One day we were trying to figure out how to exist on Zoom, and the next thing you knew it was Merry Hallowthanksmas! (Scene: Turkeys, wearing big-buckled shoes, sitting on pumpkins, while sporting Santa hats.)

No matter what day I think it is or isn’t, it’s apparently that time of the year where I spend four entire days baking, packing, and shipping holiday treats to family and friends. And since the Holidays crept up on us all (rude) I’m pulling out all my quick and easy recipes that are a cinch to pack and ship safely. Such as:

Making their debut on the list this year are my Brown Butter Cookies and Cream Blondies. Honestly, anything I don’t have to scoop and bake every 10-12 minutes is a winner in my book, but these new treats are a dream! Filled with chunks of cookies ‘n cream chocolate bars and oh-so-many Oreo cookies, they mix, bake, cool, and slice in no time, ready for shipping to all of your sweet-starved loved ones! (Read more…)

Pizza al Taglio (Thick Crust Pizza)

Folks, it’s time for some real talk.

About Pizza.

Pizza is a beloved food in America, and each region of this country has their own take on it. In Chicago, deep dish is King. With its tall walls of crust and a sauce-first architecture, one might argue that it is more of a pizza casserole (though I wouldn’t say that in Chicago 😳). In New York (and New Jersey, if we’re being honest) it’s more of a thin triangle of sauce and cheese (maybe a topping or eight) that can be easily folded and eaten on the go, like a pepperoni taco (don’t repeat that on Mulberry Street NYC 🥺). And Detroiters prefer a thick crust pan pizza that’s all flipped around, with the sauce on top. No matter where you come from in America, you think your pizza is the best. Well, you’re wrong.

Being married to The Boy means eating a lot of pizza. For any newbies here, The Boy is an Italian-American, born on Staten Island, raised in New Jersey. His first teething ring was a stale slice of cheese pizza. Learning to make my own pizza was as much an economic decision as a culinary choice. For my Pizza al Taglio (literally translated to “pizza slice”), I take the best of thick, cheesy Sicilian pizza, merge it, just a bit, with Detroit Pizza, and serve it Roman-style on a slice of focaccia-like crust. This pizza is King in my house. Ask The Boy. (Read more…)