About me

Hi! I’m Cynthia Christensen – Welcome to my food blog!

cynthia with mixer in kitchen

I’m a cook and a baker and a recipe developer.  I’m mom to three amazing grown-up ladies, and wife to a great guy we call “the boy” because, well, he’s the only boy in the house, including our cat Lucy.

I’ve led quite the eclectic life, so far.  I’ve been an RN, a bookstore owner, the manager of a mega-bookstore chain, and recently I followed my culinary dreams and worked as the morning baker in a fabulous pastry shop on the Jersey Shore!  I’m a chronic insomniac, and I usually woke up around 2 a.m. anyway, so I thought I might as well be baking.  I did it for over a year and I learned so much about baking and about myself.  I’m grateful that they took a chance on a home baker (my waking schedule probably helped a bit in making their choice) and came away from the experience with a lot of new knowledge and passion.  I can’t wait to see what I do next!

I’ve always loved to cook. I grew up the daughter of a Korean immigrant mother and a Southern boy from Mississippi.  My kids are part Italian, Mexican, German, Irish, Norwegian, and Korean and we’ve lived all over the country at one time or another.  I’ve picked up something from all of our cultures and locales over the years and incorporated them into our daily meals with pretty darn good success, if I may say so myself.  And I do!

About six years ago, after a severe neck injury and surgery, I found myself very overweight and diagnosed with both high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.  After taking a day to cry and be very angry over the unfairness of it all 😫 (aaaaggghhh!!!), I pretty much got off my butt to do something about it. I started walking, started recreating my favorite recipes, and began developing new ways to incorporate flavors and textures into my food to make eating fun, flavorful, and mostly healthy.  As a result, I lost over 100 pounds, brought my diabetic numbers under control, and ignited a real passion for food.

So, do I always eat “healthy”? No. That’s just not realistic for me. I have, however, mastered the art of moderation, learned that just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to eat it all, and learned to feed myself and the ones I love with with an eye to overall health and happiness. The subtitle of this blog is “Saying ‘Yes, Please!’ to a Delicious Life.”  That’s not just a catch phrase to me, it’s a way of life that has seen me lose weight and feel fantastic about myself. When I was first diagnosed and met with the nutritional counselor, I was given a long list of what NOT to eat. It just seemed so negative.  I’m all about learning that eating, in general, should be about learning when to say yes to food. How to include things you love in a healthy and fun way.  That including something indulgent from time to time is a good thing for me. That there are no “Cheat Days”, there are “Treat Days.”  To me, food is not just fuel, it is adventure, new experiences, new colors, and new challenges!

So, that’s me! I love to cook and bake. I love to watch people’s faces when they eat and enjoy something I’ve created. I hope you’ll enjoy my little corner of the interwebs. Hold on tight, it’s gonna be DELICIOUS!