About me

Hi, I’m Cynthia! I’ve been lucky enough to do many things in my life, but most recently I’ve worked as a professional cook and baker and now I spend my days developing and testing (and tasting!) recipes – and sharing them with you here! In our house, we get up with the sun and most of us don’t stop working until late in the night, so breakfast or brunch are usually the only meals that we can sit down and enjoy together. So join me at the counter, where I cook for my busy family, starting first thing in the morning! We’re going to have some egg-cellent adventures!

Cynthia, after a night of baking, with a speed rack full of pastries
Cynthia, after a night of baking, with a speed rack full of pastries

I’m a cook and a baker and a recipe developer.  I’m mom to three amazing grown-up women, and wife to a great guy we call “The Boy” because, well, he’s the only boy in the house. Wish him luck!

I’ve always loved to cook. I grew up the daughter of a Korean immigrant mother and a Southern boy from Mississippi.  My kids are part Italian, Mexican, German, Irish, Norwegian, and Korean and we’ve lived all over the country at one time or another.  I’ve picked up something from all of our cultures and locales over the years and continually incorporate these flavors into our daily meals.

I’ve led quite the eclectic life, so far.  I’ve been an RN, a bookstore owner, the manager of a mega-bookstore chain, and several years ago I followed my culinary dreams and began working as the morning baker in a fabulous pastry shop on the Jersey Shore. I’m a chronic insomniac, and I usually woke up around 2 a.m. anyway, so I thought I might as well be baking professionally.  I did it for over a year and I came away from the experience with a lot of new knowledge and passion.  From there I kicked in the door (okay, I messaged them on Instagram) of a local casual fine dining restaurant and was invited to stage (intern) with their James Beard nominated chef/owner (he was also on Top Chef 🤫). In my time with all of the incredibly talented chefs there, I’ve learned so much about both sweet and savory cooking and it has made a huge difference in the foods I cook, and the recipes I develop, at home as well.

My husband is a healthcare worker, who works 12-hour days and most days our only meal together is breakfast. I didn’t think that was affecting the types of recipes I was developing, until I saw that was exactly what was happening! I always considered myself a savory, dinner-type of cook, with occasional desserts and breakfast pastries. Turns out more and more of my recipes were for breakfast and brunch, so I’ve decided to put more focus on foods to start your day off  – with the occasional dinner and dessert.

To me, food is not just fuel, it is life, new experiences, new colors, and new challenges!  I love to watch people’s faces when they eat and enjoy something that I’ve created and I want to help you to feel confident that you can create delicious things too! My recipes are never overcomplicated, and always approachable. I give you the whys and the hows for all of the steps and I try to make you feel comfortable trying new flavors and techniques. Let’s work together to have a delicious day, every day… but first, we brunch!