Apple Bacon Scones

Apple Bacon Scones 2

You’d think I’d be sick of making scones, making them 5 days a week, in enormous quantities at work.  Thing is, I rarely have time to eat them at work and I can’t always make the varieties I’d like.  Customers have their favorites and it depends on what product we have on hand from our purveyors.  And, now hold on to something, one of my bosses HATES bacon.  He’s a vegetarian.  I get that he doesn’t eat bacon, but even the smell of it makes him queasy.  I lived in Oregon for over twelve years, so I’ve known more than a few hundred vegetarians, but I’ve never met any who didn’t at least like the smell of sizzling bacon.  I didn’t meet all of them, but I think the numbers are statistically insignificant.  Anyway, I save my bacon infused, apple filled, maple glazed scones for home.  My family thanks me and so will you. (Read more…)

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