Braised Korean Short Ribs

There’s something about slow braised beef ribs that gets my mouth watering just thinking about them.  And smelling them cook? Oh no.  I can’t get anything else done until I eat them.  Short ribs that have been cooked low and slow, that literally fall off the bone and keep falling apart as you eat them make me crazy. 😜 When I was a kid, I remember my Mom cooking short ribs like this on the stove, simmering them for hours in a sauce similar to galbi (grilled Korean short ribs) or bulgogi (grilled sliced beef.) The long cooking time gave everything a deep, intoxicating flavor and aroma and, when you finally got to eat them, the meat fell apart with a mere glance.  It’s similar in some ways to the Galbi Jjim recipe I posted earlier on the blog, but has a sweet and savory taste all its own. I’ve received more messages and comments asking for this recipe than any other dish I’ve ever posted on my Instagram account (second only to my chocolate cake.)  The recipe is so popular that Hmart recently asked me to do a video demo for their website. So… these ribs are kind of a big deal. 😉

Give this recipe a try and you’ll remember your own Korean mom’s cooking… even if you’re not Korean  (Read more…)


Gochujang Glazed Salmon

Gochujang Glazed Salmon

I have an unpopular opinion and I don’t care who hears it.  I HATE Sriracha.  Actually, I don’t even know if the word hate truly coveys the way I feel about it.  I may be one of the only people who hasn’t joined the Sriracha worship cult, but there it is.  It’s just hot.  And garlicky.  Usually two descriptors I can get behind, but in Sriracha there are no undertones, only overtones.  No nuance.  I just don’t get it.  So, don’t put it in my mayo, don’t squirt it on my taco and, for goodness sake, don’t drizzle it over my parfait.  Just don’t.

My spicy condiment of choice is Gochujang.  It’s kind of my childhood ketchup.  We put it in or on almost everything.  Gochujang is a fermented chili paste that is the backbone of many Korean dishes.  It’s been around for hundreds of years and is just now gaining fans with the American palate.  It’s popularly known as the finish on Korean bibimbap and it’s what gives Korean Fried Chicken its amazing ZING (more on those dishes later on the blog.)  Yes, Gochujang has heat, but it’s a sweet heat that’s not at all overwhelming and doesn’t hijack your mouth.  It has a depth of flavor that enhances and adds body and interest to almost any dish.  To sum up: Sriracha will blow your palate.  Gochujang will blow your mind!  Although, call me old fashioned, but I still probably wouldn’t put it on ice cream.

One of my favorite ways to use Gochujang, and a great gateway dish to introduce the condiment to your palate, is in this Gochujang Glazed Salmon (Read more…)


Slow Cooker Galbi Jjim (Korean Short Ribs)

Galbi Jjim Korean Short Ribs slow cooker on plate striped npkin

In order to take my mind off the heat and humidity that is a New Jersey Summer, I am putting myself in a Fall Food state of mind. It’s cool here. I’m wearing a cardigan (I don’t own a cardigan, but go with it), and I’m walking through…(the woods, a field…insert nature thingy here, I don’t really do that, so I’m drawing a blank), and thinking about my Korean Short Ribs, simmering in the slow cooker. Come inside, I’ll get you a plate (Read more…)

My First Blog Post!

What better way to celebrate the start of my new blog than showing you the dishes that started my love of all things food!

banchan with kalbi in center

black and white pic of momI grew up the only daughter of a Korean mom and inherited her recipes, which I have done my best to pass on to my three daughters.  There’s no real recipe to share at this time.  It was taught to me with a certain amount of Korean mom impatience and open hands of spice saying “you put this much your hand!” Kinda hard to translate into measurements, but over time I think I perfected my mom’s recipes.  Maybe.

kalbi on white platter with namul

I hope you’ll enjoy following me on my new culinary path, cooking and baking for a wider audience and having a great time doing so! Learn more about me here and check in often. We’re gonna have a delicious time!