Fluffiest Vanilla Cupcakes Ever with Strawberry Buttercream

A cupcake is the perfect food.  I’ll fight you on this point. When you’re a diabetic, or have any other health or dietary reasons to watch what you’re eating, portion control and moderation are what it’s all about.  And a cupcake is, by definition, a self-contained, self-regulated serving of cake.  Don’t look at those other 23 cupcakes behind you.  DON’T LOOK AT THEM!!  Phew 😅.  Focus.

If I’m going to have that cupcake, that self-regulated serving of cake,  it had better be worth it.  In pursuit of the perfect treat-day cupcake recipe, I’ve had to force more than a few mediocre cupcakes on my family.  The Goldilocksian variety is staggering.  Too dense, too dry, too chewy.  Not anymore.  After much cupcake tomfoolery, I’ve finally created my dream cupcake.  Fluffy and light, vanilla without being, you know, too vanilla,  great with any frosting, especially this very special strawberry one. (Read more…)

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