Maple Mustard Glazed Bratwurst

maple mustard bratwurst

It’s finally Fall!  Or Autumn.  Depending on where you are in the English speaking world.  That means the official return of Sheet Pan Supper season!  When I worked at the Book Behemoth my hours were crazy.  I might open one day, close the next, work a mid-shift, or worst of all be subjected to the dreaded CLOPEN!  That’s when you close the store and get home around midnight and have to turn around and open the store at eight the next morning 😴.  Besides never seeing my family,  I worried over what they would eat.  Yeah, The Boy is a grown up, but Daughter #3 was still in college and not around to enforce human eating patterns.  Left to his own devices, The Boy would just eat cold pizza or leftovers over the sink like some kind of beast.  So, enter the sheet pan supper!  I prepare it the day before and leave a sticky note with baking instructions on top.

My maple mustard bratwurst with Fall vegetables is a favorite.  It can be made ahead, everything cooks at the same time, and there’s no need to add anything else.  Just bake and eat.  How easy is that? (Read more..)

Beef Barley Soup

Beef Barley Soup with Milk Bread Roll

I’m so glad cooler weather has finally arrived!  I mean, I don’t really pay attention to seasonal rules regarding when to cook something, but I suppose Fall is the socially accepted time to present soup to a wider audience.  Soup is a universally loved meal.  It warms hearts and bellies and, don’t tell anyone, but, it’s really, really, easy to make.  My beef barley soup is a great example.  Made with leftover beef from my Italian Pot Roast, it’s ready in less than an hour and will satisfy even the hungriest person you know  (Read more…)

Italian Pot Roast with Polenta

Italian Pot Roast with Polenta

One of the first meals I remember The Boy’s mother cooking for me was Braciole.  And yes, I capitalized the word Braciole on purpose.  He speaks of the dish with an almost religious reverance, so it seems fitting.   It’s essentially thin slices of beef, rolled around herbs and cheese,  tied up with string or skewered with a toothpick,  quickly seared, and then slowly simmered in “gravy” (Jersey Italian for red sauce).  My now Mother-In-Law hasn’t made that dish in years, but even so, I don’t think I’ll ever try to make it for The Boy.  A girl just doesn’t put her food up for comparison with the one dish he most remembers his mother making.  But this Italian pot roast is as close as I’ll ever come to the Legend of the Braciole. (Read more…)

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Chick-fil-A My Way )

buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich

This is just a food blog.  I love to cook food, eat food and share food.  I always have and I always will.  For instance,  I love a good crispy chicken sandwich.  In particular, I have always loved the crispy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A.  It’s a little sweet, delightfully crunchy, and just plain delicious.  But there are things going on that make it difficult for some people to buy a Chick-fil-A sandwich.  Maybe it’s really far away.  Maybe your only day off is Sunday and they’re closed on Sundays.  Maybe you and Chick-fil-A have a huge difference of opinion on who does and who does not deserve to eat chicken sandwiches.  Among other things.  Hmm.  Again, this is just food blog.  I believe I want a good crispy chicken sandwich and I believe I’ll make it myself.  Because that’s what I believe in.  A darn good chicken sandwich, any day of the week, with anyone I darn well want to eat it with.  You wanna have one too? (Read more…)

Hawaiian Pizza

hawaiian pizza 2

I’ve entered the controversy of whether pineapple and ham belong on a pizza and come down firmly on the right side of the argument.  Hawaiian Pizza is a legitimate pizza!  If The Pioneer Woman can make dessert pizza (which sounds amazing, by the way) and get away with it, then we can make a pineapple and ham pizza with all the confidence in the world! (Read more…)

Soft and Fluffy Milk Bread Rolls

milk bread rolls

Allow me to apologize for presenting you with a picture of my milk bread rolls with a conspicuously missing piece.  It was just that delicious.  We literally couldn’t wait the 10 seconds it would take to set up a photo without tearing into a hot roll.  So hot that we had to dog-pant eat it.

I was at HMart (a Korean Supermarket) a few weeks ago and saw something called “milk bread”, also known as Hokkaido in Japan.  It’s apparently a super trendy bread, but all I know is it looked so soft and fluffy and I wanted to eat all of it.  So, I decided to make some of my own.  Because duh.  (Read more…)

Smoked Salmon “Everything Bagel” Frittata

smoked salmon frittata

For an Italian guy from the Jersey Shore, The Boy sure loves bagels with lox.  An everything bagel, schmeared with cream cheese,  tomato, sliced red onion, and topped with thin slices of lox and briny capers makes him giddy (he doesn’t really do giddy, but picturing it makes me giggle).   I decided to capture this odd love affair in…  A frittata!  (Read more…)

Cream-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

cream filled chocolate cupcakes top view

Were you one of those kids who loved Hostess Cupcakes?  You know the ones, the dark chocolate cupcakes with that yummy white cream filling and the adorable white squiggle on top?  Maybe your mom even put one in your lunchbox from time to time.  Maybe you didn’t have a Korean mom who put things (dried things with tentacles) in your lunchbox that no one in their right mind would ever trade for a delicious cream filled chocolate cupcake.   Okay, that spiraled quickly.  That’s a therapy moment.  Anyway!  Who likes chocolate cream-filled cupcakes? Raise your hand!  I can’t see you, this is the Interweb.  Put your hand down, weirdo.  Let’s go make some cupcakes!! (Read more…)

Crispy Beef and Bok Choy Stir Fry

beijing beef crispy beef bok choy

I was thinking about Panda Express.  Specifically, I was craving their Beijing Beef.  Lightly fried beef strips.  Peppers and onions with just a hint of char on their edges, yet still maintaining their fresh crunch.  A sticky, sweet and, spicy sauce coating all those bits of deliciousness.  So desperate was my desire, that I got into my car and drove 15 miles to the nearest mall to get it into my belly.  I got off the escalator and turned into the food court, walked to the back and saw… a blank white wall instead of my Panda Express.  What was I to do?!  (Read more…)

Freshly Ground Breakfast Sausage

ground sausage

Some of my recipes involve making something you can easily buy in your local Mega Market.  “Why?!” you might ask.  “Because I can!” is my first response.  You know how some (weird) people will climb on top of high things, and then jump off of them with large rubber bands or flimsy silkworm excreted cloth attached to their extremely mortal bodies?  “Because they can?!”  “Because it’s there?!”  That’s how I feel about making certain foods from scratch.  The challenge is there and I rise to meet it!  

Also, to be honest, as a Type 2 Diabetic, I am aware of what I’m putting in my body at all times.  It isn’t just sugar or carbs I’m looking at, but the amount, the type, the artificial ingredients and chemicals.  In my opinion, it can’t be a bad thing to be in charge of what I’m ingesting.  I make good choices, I make… less good choices, BUT I make those choices with my eyes wide open! And today I choose to make SAUSAGE! (Read more…)