Copycat Pepperidge Farms “Croissant” Pizza

Pizza.  A word that makes The Boy’s heart sing 🎶 .  Croissant Pizza.  Not exactly what he was thinking of.  But I have very different pizza dreams.  In the 90’s Pepperidge Farms revolutionized the Pizza Game (in my mind) when they introduced their line of Croissant Pizzas.  Flaky croissant dough, with a slightly sweet, tangy sauce, delicious toppings, MICROWAVED in minutes (this was Jetsons-level science here) in its patented micro-sleeve (woooo… more science!)!  I mean… LOOK AT IT 👀 Wow.

Alas, one day (POOF) they disappeared from freezer shelves.  There was no internet to speak of, so no way to find out why, and no eBay to use to track down that last box of perfection  😢

Well after years of lamenting the loss of this culinary wonder, and without the benefit of a time machine (as a child I was sure I’d have one by now) I decided I HAD to recreate it as best as I could.   I went with really traditional toppings, like you’d find on a 90’s frozen pizza, but hey, classics are classics for a reason!  But you can really do whatever you want! Have fun, try different sauces, different toppings, whatever you want! I mean, how good does salsa as a sauce, spicy ground beef, jalapeños, and monterey  jack cheese sound?!  With a little imagination, you too can have delicious Pepperidge Farms “Croissant” Pizza – without a time machine. Where science fails, we succeed! (Read more…)


7 Replies to “Copycat Pepperidge Farms “Croissant” Pizza”

  1. oh those pizzas were sooooooooooo good.your right that swwet sauce and that crust was amazing.mani miss those.

  2. I just thought of these pizzas today while baking a Stouffers french bread pizza. I agree. Pepperidge Farm was great. I used to buy them all the time in the ’80’s. I think I will write the company.

  3. These were introduced in the mid 1980s, not the 1990s. Look in this video from 1987 at the 1:05 mark – the (C) at the beginning of the ad shows 1986:

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